Daman FAQs

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Area geography

Situated on the banks of the Daman Ganga River, this town is broadly divided in two parts- Nandi Daman and Moti Daman. Nestled amidst Gujarat and Maharashtra, Daman is just 170 kilometres away from Mumbai making it an ideal weekend getaway option for western India. A sleepy hamlet, Daman is a small island surrounded by River Kalem towards south, River Bhagwan in north and Arabian Sea towards West. Since Daman is a coastal area, it has a moderate climate throughout the year.

Notes currencies cards

Indian Rupee

Cellular service for tourists

You can buy a local calling card for a cheaper outgoing rate. But major network operator services like BSNL, Airtel and others related are operational in Daman.

Drinking laws

The legal drinking age in Daman is 21 years.


Tipping is often welcome in India by most of the waiters and clerks. While food and beverage outlets add a service charge in the final bill, so tipping is not necessary. However, small tips for good service are always appreciated.


Daman is a safe tourist destination. However, exercise caution and keep your belongings safely. Also avoid venturing out alone to deserted places after dark.

General information

Languages spoken

Gujarati, English, Hindi and Portuguese

Time zones

GMT + 05.30 hours

Major religions

Hinduism, Christianity and Islam

Domestic international calling codes


Electricity standards

The standard voltage in India is around 220 volts and typically a two or three pin plug is used by everyone.

Common greetings

Hello: Hēlō

Good Morning: Mōrniṅga guḍa

Good Evening: Good Evening

Goodbye: Guḍabāya

Thank you: Ābhāra

Sorry: Māpha karaśō

Do you speak English? Tamē iṅgaliśa vāta karō?

I do not understand: Huṁ samajī nathī

No: Nathī

Yes: Hā

I don’t know: Manē khabara nathī

How are you? : Tamē kēvī rītē chē?

What is your name? Tamāruṁ nāma śuṁ chē?

My name is: Māruṁ nāma chē…

Where is the washroom? : Washroom kyāṁ chē?

Is this vegetarian? (point to a dish in a menu card): Ā śākāhārī chē?

Where is this? (point to a monument, amenity on a paper/map): Ā kyāṁ chē?

How much does this cost? : Kēṭalī ā kharca karē chē?

Too expensive! Mōṅghī!

A little cheaper: Thōḍuṁ sastuṁ


Emergency numbers

Police: 2254999
Wireless Control Room: 2254100
Fire Control: 0260 2242666, 0260 2250729, 0260 2255030
Ambulance: 2230470
Director of Medical and Health - 2230470, 2254371
Transport (Assistant Director) - 2255140
Tourism (Assistant Director) - 2255104
Assistant Director of Tourism, Paryatan Bhavan, Nani Daman - Tel: 0260-2255104