Minjar Fair in Dalhousie

Minjar Fair Overview

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A week-long harvest festival held at the end of July, Minjar fair is celebrated with huge uproar in Chamba as well as Dalhousie. and is one of the major draws for tourists and locals alike. Many tribal people get-together at the Chamba Chaugan first and on the last day, a colourful procession starts from the Akhand Chandi Palace and goes to the bank of the Ravi River. People dress up and create a Minjar- which is an offering of coconut, coin, fruit and paddy (maize); all tied in a red cloth. Minjar is then offered to River Ravi followed by huge uproar and acknowledging the victory of the King of Chamba. Be a part of the festivity as you plan your holiday around July and August to witness the Himachal culture up-close.

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