Destination Snapshot

  • Travel Style

  • First Timers
  • Adventure Buffs
  • Lovebirds
  • Family Fun
    • Language

      Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi
    • Altitude

      2000 meters
    • Time zone

      GMT + 05.30 hours
    • Theme


Of scenic mountain range and deodar trees, giant peaks and hills, colonial architecture and churches; welcome to Himachal’s most charming paradise- Dalhousie.

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You will like

  • Trekking

    Be it any age group, Dalhousie is a trekker’s delight for everyone. Not just the famous Sach Pass but a lot of spots like Ganji Pahari, Dainkund Peak lend a perfect trekking opportunity for beginners.

  • Less Crowded

    Unlike most hill-stations in North India, Dalhousie is a respite for all those people who prefer a secluded place for a holiday minus the noisy mall road.

Be prepared

  • Altitude Sickness

    Though the uphill drive is a scenic one, however, you might feel nauseating if you are not used to the usual mountainous region drive.

  • No Nightlife

    Most of the travellers visit Dalhousie to de-stress and relax amidst the mountains. There isn’t much to do at night in Dalhousie besides that!

Describing It

Exuding a colonial feeling and the old world charm, Dalhousie is one of those hill-stations brimming with an aura of royalty which was prevalent during the Independence time. Named after the British General- Lord Dalhousie, the town’s churches and buildings boasts of a striking architecture. Standing tall on five major hills namely, Kathlog, Patreyn, Tehra (also known as Moti Tibba), Bakrota and Balun in western Himachal Pradesh, Dalhousie is inundated by varied flora comprising pine, deodar, oak and the very lovely rhododendron trees. While the mountain views are in abundance here, it’s the quintessential River Ravi that meanders through the town and paints beautiful scenery of Dalhousie altogether. If summers provide a dreamy view, winters in Dalhousie will surprise you with the snow-covered Dhauladhar mountain range that is clearly visible from this town.

Many people visit this remote hill-station of North India because it is less commercialised. Dalhousie can be termed as a perfect stress-buster for all those who look forward to a holiday away from the noisy city life. When you are here, you would not mind walking into the forested slopes or the quaint streets if you have the company of gorgeous landscapes. You might as well pack meals and head out for a day picnic at the several picnic spots in Dalhousie. While the life of people here is quiet laid-back, it is nothing but comforting to be a part of the same lifestyle for a while and soothe your senses.

Food in Dalhousie is economically priced and many outlets are located on the main centre of the town. You can also shop for some rare Tibetan handicrafts from the exclusive emporium that is few kilometres away from Dalhousie or buy Kullu shawls that are best known for its rich texture and comfort.