Transportation in Coorg

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  • Bus

    For longer distances, taking a bus is the cheapest and most convenient means for travel in Coorg. You may find both government and private buses in the city. The State run Government buses mainly operate to and fro the main towns or villages, while most private buses cover every corner of Coorg.

  • Taxi/Cab

    All the major districts in Coorg will have a taxi stand from where you can hire a taxi. Be precise while booking a taxi and always give them your complete schedule for which you hire them. Bargaining is allowed. Cabs/ taxis can also be booked by hotels upon your request.

  • Auto Rickshaw

    Auto rickshaws are the cheapest means of transport in Coorg and are readily available. Almost all the bus stands in Coorg are accompanied by a rickshaw stand as well. It is advisable to check the price before you take one.

  • Walking

    The best way to explore this beautiful hill station is on your feet. It is always better to be well equipped with walking shoes. Some parts of Coorg do not receive signals and are less inhabited, hence be wise in choosing your walking-track. Avoid late night walks especially out of the city limits.