Street Market in Coorg

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  • Coffee


    With its sprawling coffee estates, Coorg happens to be one of the major producers of coffee in India. On top of every shopper’s list for Coorg is the world famous variety of coffee - Coffea Arabica and Coffea Robusta, which are grown here.

    The unadulterated organic coffee here ...

    Street Market
  • Spices and Dry Fruits

    Spices and Dry Fruits

    Coorg is not a shopaholic’s paradise, but it is known for its organic farming and organic products. Signature spices like pepper, cardamom, cumin, mint, oregano, sage, basil, bay leaves, thyme, garlic, and rosemary is found here in bulk. Coorg is also famous for its dry fruits like cashews, raisins and ...

    Street Market
  • Oranges and Chocolates

    Oranges and Chocolates

    Besides coffee and spice plantations, Coorg is also famous for its juicy and pulpy oranges. Coorg oranges are unique because they are easy to peel off and carry a tinge of citric tang and sweetness in them.

    Local chocolates and homemade wines are also a speciality here. Coorg ...

    Street Market
  • Honey


    Honey Valley is one of the largest manufacturers of honey in India. Virajpet Market is where you’ll find bottles of honey ready for you to taste and take home. ...

    Street Market