Relaxation Points in Colombo

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  • Art, Culture and Music

    Art, Culture and Music

    There are also some interesting art galleries and performing arts centres in Colombo where different types of exhibitions and cultural performances are held regularly. If you’re looking for some live entertainment, you can also enjoy music gigs held in some of the local cafes, pubs and restaurants in the city. ...

  • Spas


    Your relaxation spree at Sri Lanka begins the very moment you land in Colombo. Along with a pleasant coastal climate, Colombo is showered with relaxation havens, which range from massage centres to extensive spas and rejuvenation centres. Indulge in wellness therapy as you open up your senses in Colombo. ...

  • Spa


    Sri Lanka’s expertise in Ayurvedic massages is no secret from the world. Rich in medicinal herbs and oils, Sri Lanka has mastered the art of Ayurvedic massages. Pamper yourself and indulge in invigorating massages and spa treatments. Go for foot, hand or full body massages that use Ayurvedic herbs and ...