Transportation in Cochin

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  • Bus

    Cochin boasts of an excellent network of buses (both government run and private) that not only connect all parts of the city, but also connects Cochin to most parts of Kerala. Buses are also a cheap means of transportation in Cochin.

  • Taxi

    There are more than a few car/taxi rental agencies in Cochin from where you can hire a cab to get around the city. Cochin has many attractions and things to do, and so hiring a cab is a good idea to enjoy all that Cochin has to offer.

  • Auto-rickshaw

    Auto-rickshaws are a comfortable and cheap means of transportation in Cochin. Auto stands are fairly well distributed all over the city and you can find them at almost all the bus stands. Pre-paid auto stands are available at railway stations.

    The government fixed rates for auto fares starts at Rs. 10 for the first 1.25 kilometres and Rs. 6 per kilometre thereafter with a premium of 15% at night (charged from 7 pm till 6 am).

  • Ferry

    Ferries are perhaps the easiest means of transportation in Cochin, apart from being a lot of fun. Cohin has a superb system of well connected inter-island ferries. One of the most popular ferry services is the Ro-Ro (Roll on-Roll off) ferry service between Fort Cochin and Vypeen islands.

  • Cycle

    The Fort Cochin area in Cochin is the perfect place to be explored on bicycle. There are dedicated tracks specially built for cyclists in Fort Cochin. The Fort also has many attractions, as well as bars and pubs which are best explored on a bike.