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  • Vypeen Island Zone

    Vypeen Island Zone

    Perhaps one of the most beautiful paintings by nature on the canvas of Cochin, the Vypeen Island Zone, comprising of a small group of islands, soars out at the point where the ethereal Vembanad Lake merges with the Arabian Sea.

    The magnificent Fort Cochin rises majestically in ...

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  • Eco Tourist Villages

    Eco Tourist Villages

    The Kumbalangi Integrated Tourism Village and the Mastyafed Milky-Way Aqua-Tourist Village are two of the eco-tourist villages that should definitely find a place on your itinerary when visiting Kerala.

    The Kumbalangi Integrated Tourism Village holds the distinction of being India’s first eco-tourist village. Here, you can enjoy a ...

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  • Guruvayoor


    Hailed and worshipped as one of the most sacred Hindu religious places in the world, Guruvayoor is the abode to the Shri Krishna temple, which attracts more than 10 million devotees every year.

    The Shri Krishna temple is considered to be the first temple in India to open ...

  • Kerala Tour – Senior Citizen Special

    Kerala Tour – Senior Citizen Special

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  • Chinese Fishing Nets

    Chinese Fishing Nets

    Unique to Cochin, the Chinese fishing nets serve as a testimony to the good relations between the ancient Chinese Emperors and the Cochin Kings.

    Outside of China, these fishing nets are only found in Cochin. Historians believe that the fishing nets were gifted by Chinese Emperor Kubalagi to ...

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  • St. Francis Church, Fort Cochin

    St. Francis Church, Fort Cochin

    The St. Francis Church is considered to be the oldest church built by the Europeans in India. On his third visit to India, the great Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama fell ill and died and St. Francis church was his burial place. His remains were later transferred from here to ...

  • Museum of Kerala History

    Museum of Kerala History

    The Museum of Kerala History depicts the history and cultural evolution of Kerala through a spectacular light and sound show in both Malayalam and English.

    Along with incredible paintings, the museum also houses magnificent life size statues of prominent personalities. There is an incredibly huge and imposing statue ...

  • Veega Land Amusement Park

    Veega Land Amusement Park

    Veega Land is an amusement park and is home to more than 50 thrilling rides and various shows. The many rides here are classified into different categories including Family rides, Water rides, Kiddies rides and Hair raising rides.

    Veega Land also has some fine restaurants and makes for ...

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  • Thrikkakara Temple

    Thrikkakara Temple

    The Thrikkakara Temple is one of the major centers of Onam celebrations in Kerala. Dedicated to Lord Vamana (considered the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu), the temple plays host to ten days of festivities and celebrations on the occasion of Onam. It’s quite a sight to see thousands of devotees ...

  • The Roman Catholic Basilica of Santa Cruz

    The Roman Catholic Basilica of Santa Cruz

    The Roman Catholic Basilica of Santa Cruz is a colossal cathedral with a dominant Gothic presence in the form of a façade flanked by two huge towers.

    At the top of the main altar is a striking painting of the ‘Last Supper’, modelled on the renowned work of ...

  • Kanjiramattam Mosque

    Kanjiramattam Mosque

    The Kanjiramattam Mosque plays host to the Kudikkuthu Festival and is a scared pilgrimage centre. In history, the Imams of this mosque were believed to be leading scholars who were close advisors of the kings of Cochin. ...

  • Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara

    Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara

    Established in 1955 by the Sikh community settled in Kerala, the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara is the only gurudwara in Kerala and hence holds an important place amongst the Sikhs.

    Though a langar is held here every day, you can witness a grand langar on Saturdays and ...

  • The Jewish Synagogue

    The Jewish Synagogue

    Also known as Paradesi Synagogue and Mattancherry Synagogue, the Jewish Synagogue at Cochin is the oldest existing synagogue among the Commonwealth countries.

    The synagogue is beautifully laid out and the interiors are decorated with Chinese tiles and Belgian chandeliers. Giant scrolls of the Old Testament can be found here. ...

  • Indian Naval Maritime Museum

    Indian Naval Maritime Museum

    Established by the Indian Navy, the Indian Naval Maritime Museum is a keeper of Indian naval history. The museum contains huge replicas of naval ships and an impressive collection of naval arms and ammunition. ...

  • Cochin Cultural Centre

    Cochin Cultural Centre

    Cochin Cultural Centre is a renowned institution in Kochi, working towards preservation, promotion and propagation of the rich art and culture of Kerala through traditional performing arts. The centre was basically founded as a charitable society of artists in the year 1978 by Sukumaran Nedungadi. Here, regular training is provided ...

  • Kerala Folklore Theatre Museum

    Kerala Folklore Theatre Museum

    Kerala Folklore Theatre Museum is a popular museum in Thevara in Ernakulam. This multi-storey building was set up in the year 2009 as a non-profit organisation to acquaint visitors with the rich heritage of Kerala. Founded by George Thaliath and his wife Annie George, this museum was built by 62 ...

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  • Annvin Ayurveda Panchakarma Hospital

    Annvin Ayurveda Panchakarma Hospital

    Annvin Ayurveda Panchakarma Hospital is a renowned centre in Kerala that excels in the medicinal art of ayurveda. The relation of ayurveda and Kerala is more than a century old. In fact, Kerala is the only state in the country where ayurveda is dedicatedly practised today. This centre aims at ...

  • Museum of Art and Kerala History

    Museum of Art and Kerala History

    Museum of Art and Kerala History is a notable tourist attraction of Edappally, near Kalamassery. It is an ideal place to acquaint yourself with the rich heritage of the state. The idea of establishing the museum was put forth by R. Madhavan Nayar, a renowned industrialist and an art aficionado.

  • Princess Street

    Princess Street

    Every city or town has avenues or boulevards that are unique and special in their own way. One such popular alley in the state of Kerala is the Princess Street in Kochi. Listed among the earliest streets in the region, this avenue is a landmark in Fort Kochi. The major ...

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  • Greenix Village

    Greenix Village

    Greenix Village is a popular cultural centre, set in Fort Kochi, about 8 km away from the main Ernakulam Town in Kerala. A treasure trove in the true sense, it was established to promote and preserve the art and culture of the state.

    Those who wish to explore the ...

  • Kerala Kathakali Centre

    Kerala Kathakali Centre

    Established in the year 1990, the Kerala Kathakali Centre is a prominent institution in Kochi that conducts Kathakali classes. Nearly 300 years old, Kathakali is a classical dance form originating in Kerala which combines certain aspects of ballet, masque, pantomime and opera. It is a combination of dramatic make-up, facial ...

  • Watching Dolphins At Cherai Beach

    Watching Dolphins At Cherai Beach

    The Cherai Beach, located at the northern end of Vypeen Island, is the perfect place to watch dolphins in their natural habitat. You can always take a boat ride for a better view of these beautiful creatures. ...

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  • Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple

    Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple

    The Chottanikkara - or the Jyotiannakkara - Temple stands out from the rest of them in Cochin for its sheer architectural beauty. Nowhere will you see the Vishwakarma Sthapathis style of wooden sculpting as beautiful as this one. This alone makes it a must-visit attraction in Cochin. The temple is ...

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  • Fort Kochi

    Fort Kochi

    On can find the quiet streets of Fort Kochi by walking northwest along Bazaar Road from Mattancherry Palace. The architecture here is heavily influenced by European architecture and consists of fine houses built by rich traders from the British era. The Dutch cottages are a sight to behold. Must-visit places ...

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  • Wonderla Amusement Park

    Wonderla Amusement Park

    Perfect for children and adults alike, this amusement park is a great place to spend the entire day. Rides available at the Wonderla Amusement Park include rides for kids, water rides, dry rides, and thrill rides for adults. From splashing in the water, enjoying a rain disco, and vertical falls ...

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  • Hill Palace of Tripunithura

    Hill Palace of Tripunithura

    Spread across a whopping 54 acres of space, the 1865 Hill Palace of Tripunithura is the largest archeological Museum in Kerala. What to look for once you are inside: an archeological museum of course, including a pre-historic park, a deer park, a children’s park, and even a heritage museum.

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  • Cherai Beach

    Cherai Beach

    The Cherai beach is an ideal spot for swimming and is spread out in the North End of Vypeen Island. This beautiful beach is 15 km long and famous for the paddy fields and coconut groves that line it end to end. Enjoy a day of soaking in the sun, ...

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  • Ernakulam Siva Temple

    Ernakulam Siva Temple

    The Ernakulam Shiva Temple recites an age old story of a boy called Devalan who prays to Shiva to be redeemed of a curse. With stories about the temple dating back to the Mahabharata, this Shiva Temple has acquired an important place in the present setting of ardent Shiva devotees. ...

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  • Mattancherry


    Mattancherry comprises the western part of Cochin just 9 km from the town of Ernakulam. The town is a melting pot of cultures. People from places all over India like Goa, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat have come down south and settled in Mattancherry. Once an important trade link to Ernakulam, ...

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  • Kerala Folklore Theatre & Museum

    Kerala Folklore Theatre & Museum

    This museum, built in the Malabar, Cochin and Travancore style of architecture - is a 3-storey tall ride into Keralan history, culture and heritage. Opened in 2009, the Kerala Folklore Theatre & Museum is a treasure trove of rich Keralan heritage showcased in its numerous arts and dances. Artifacts you ...

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  • Vasco Da Gama Square

    Vasco Da Gama Square

    If you want to witness the local fishermen using the Chinese Fishing Nets, the Vasco da Gama square, a promenade along the beach is the perfect place to do so. And while you enjoy this amazing sight, you can gorge on the freshest seafood from the numerous stalls and kiosks ...

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  • Mattancherry Palace

    Mattancherry Palace

    The Mattancherry Palace, or the Dutch Palace, has quite a story behind it. A palace built by the Portuguese, credited to the Dutch and featuring murals dedicated to the Hindu pantheon of gods and goddesses, it’s definitely worth adding to your itinerary.

    The Portuguese built the palace ...