Transportation in Chiang Mai

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  • Songthaew

    Songthaews are one of the most convenient and cheap ways of travelling around Chiang Mai. There are different colour songthaews with the most common one being red.

    These red songthaews do not operate on a fixed route and can be found in markets, temples, bus and train stations and other areas of tourist interest. The fare is about 20 Baht if you’re travelling within the city while it is around 60 Baht if you plan to travel outside.

    At the Warorot Market, you can find white songthaews to travel to the eastern suburban city of Sankampaeng, yellow songthaews for traveling to Mae Rim in the north, blue songthaews if you’re headed to Sarapee and Lamphun in the south, and green songthaews to reach Mae Jo in the north-east. They all have a fixed fare of 20 Baht.

  • Tuk-Tuk

    Tuk-tuks are another quick and inexpensive way of getting around in Chiang Mai. If you’re travelling a short distance, the fare varies between 30 and 40 Baht while for longer distances; the fare is usually around 50 to 100 Baht. One can easily find tuk-tuks near bus and train stations and other areas of tourist interest.

  • Motorbike

    Renting motorbikes can be another convenient way to explore Chiang Mai. Bike rentals are easily available across the city and offer vehicles to suit different needs and budgets. A 110cc motorbike can cost about 150 Baht per day while a Honda Wave 125 can be hired for anything above 150 Baht.