How To Reach Chiang Mai

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Travel options

By Air

Chiang Mai International Airport is the main airport in Chiang Mai and operates both domestic as well as international flights. The airport is located about 3 kilometres south-west of the city centre and there are taxis, buses and other local transport options available to travel between the city and the airport.

Chiang Mai Flight Schedule

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By Bus

Most buses in Chiang Mai arrive at the Arcade Bus Station from other destinations. Daily buses operate from the Northern Bus Terminal (Moh Chit) in Bangkok and take anywhere between 9 to 12 hours to reach Chiang Mai. These include both government-run buses and buses operated by private transport companies.

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By Train

Chiang Mai Train Station is located about 3 kilometres east of the city centre. Daily trains operate from Bangkok’s Hualamphong Train Station to the Chiang Mai Station and take about 12-15 hours to reach Chiang Mai. The train journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is fairly comfortable and one has the option of travelling first or second class. It is advisable to book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment and last minute rush.

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Road/Self Drive

A great way to explore the Chiang Mai and to travel outside the city is by hiring cars for self-drive. One can rent cars from several places in the city centre and also at the Chiang Mai International Airport. Thailand is a left-hand drive country and it is a must to have an international driving license to drive in Thailand.