Food in Chiang Mai

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  • Pad Thai

    Pad Thai

    One of the most delicious dishes in Thai cuisine and a must-try, Pad Thai, is made of stir-fried rice noodles cooked with eggs, red chilli pepper, shrimp, chicken, bean sprouts, fish sauce and tamarind juice. ...

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  • Satay


    Another popular dish in Thailand, Satay is made of skewered and grilled meat and is usually served with a delicious peanut sauce. It can be cooked with chicken, beef and pork and also with tofu and soy for the vegetarians. ...

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  • Gaeng Kiew wan or Thai Green Curry

    Gaeng Kiew wan or Thai Green Curry

    A concoction of green chillies, herbs, choice of meat, coconut milk and other ingredients, Thai green curry is served with steamed rice and is an absolute must-try! ...

    Local Dish Must Try