Places To See in Chennai

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  • Ubbalamadugu Falls

    Ubbalamadugu Falls

    Located in the Chittoor district, approximately 80 kilometres from Chennai Ubbalamadugu Falls is situated inside the dense forest of Kaambakam. Also known as Tada Falls by locals, the waterfall is a beautiful sight accompanied by hillocks and greenery.

    Reaching the waterfall is an adventure in itself as you'll ...

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  • Pulicat Lake

    Pulicat Lake

    Being the second largest brackish water (water which is high on salinity) lagoon in India, Pulicat Lake lies on the Coromandal Coast in South India. On a high tide, its area is spread around 450 square kilometres and on a low tide, it becomes 250 square kilometres. Approximately 60 kilometres ...

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  • Mylapore


    Also known as Thirumayilai, Mylapore is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. A few kilometres drive to the South of Chennai, Mylapore is the main commercial centre of Chennai and is easily accessible by road, buses and MRTS system.

    A day trip to Mylapore is a good idea ...

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