Karaneeswarar Temple in Chennai

Karaneeswarar Temple Overview

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Primarily a Hindu temple, the Karaneeswarar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Swarnaambikai (who is the divine mother Shakti). The lingam inside the temple is unusually a square-shaped one. Standing tall with a 7-storied gopuram, the temple boasts of beautiful South-Indian architectural designs.

During Brahmotsavam and Shivratri, people visit the temple in huge numbers and many spiritual talks are also organised. There is a very famous formula known by the name of Karaneeswar Numerological Formula which is believed to be discovered by Lord Shiva himself and is often used for numerological calculation. The detail of the formula is also listed in the ancient numerological history.

  • Opening Closing Time Near Saidapet Railway Station, Saidapet, Chennai

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