Food in Chennai

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  • Idli


    Also known as steamed rice cake, Idli is often part of the routine South Indian breakfast as it is light and easy to digest. Round in shape and almost two to three inches in diameter, these small cakes are formed after steaming the thick batter of fermented rice and black ...

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  • Dosa


    Made from the batter of fermented rice and black lentils, Dosa looks like a thin pancake and is prepared in the form of a crispy crepe on a heated pan. Dosa come in different varieties and you can choose a filling of potatoes, onions, vegetables, paneer, mutton or egg.

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  • Sambar


    Ideally a dal, Sambar is a vegetable stew that is prepared by cooking lentils with all the vegetables together. Also, spices like sambar powder, coriander seeds and tamarind are added to give the dish a tangy taste. It is served hot and often used as an accompaniment with most South-Indian ...

    Vegetarian Local Dish
  • Uttapam


    Almost similar to the shape of a dosa, uttapam is also prepared from the same batter of rice and lentils. However, it is slightly thick like a pancake and vegetables (in this case) are sprinkled over the batter instead of keeping it inside as a filling (as done in dosa). ...

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  • Payasam


    This tempting rice pudding is the most common dessert made in Chennai on festivities and other celebrations. Prepared by boiling milk and sugar with rice or broken wheat, this dessert can be garnished with a vast variety of nuts including cardamom, raisins, saffron, cashew nuts, pistachios or almonds. ...

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