Boating and Aqua-Scooter at Muttukadu Lake in Chennai

Boating and Aqua-Scooter at Muttukadu Lake Overview

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You can enjoy a boat ride at the serene Muttukadu Lake, which is more fun during the cooler months from October to February. The lake is large and there is enough space for the boat to ride to different corners. If not hills, you might spot few buildings in the backdrop but riding under the over-bridge is quiet an experience.

You can choose from the different type of boats (pedal boat, row boat and speed boat) that are available at the Muttukadu Lake Boathouse. If you wish to try something unique, there is a bamboo boathouse and a floating boat jetty are at the Muttukadu boating facility.

  • Opening Closing Time 9 am to 5 pm

  • Entrance Fee INR 520 for Pedal Boat Ride; INR 120 for Aqua Scooter Ride

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Muttukadu Lake Boathouse, Chennai