Transportation in Canberra

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  • Bus

    Most of the buses in Canberra are operated by ACTION (ACT Internal Omnibus Network) that connects majority of Canberra. Buses operated by ACTION are very comfortable and easy to access. Buses on ACTION’s Intertown Route are also equipped with bike racks.

  • Taxi

    Easiest and the most comfortable way to get around in the city is – hiring a cab/taxi. The roads in Canberra are well planned and traffic is not much of a hindrance. Travelling by road is also a great way to explore the scenic beauty of the city.

    In addition to the normal cab/taxi service, Canberra also provides nighttime taxi service known as Nightlink. Designed for people who love to enjoy in the night, Nightlink is a way to get people home safely and quickly in the night. Hiring a car is another option you can opt for.

    What’s more, most national attractions and some shopping malls offer free parking (if you have a vehicle of your own). Make sure you carry a city map with you at all times. You can make a taxi booking by calling at one of the following numbers:
    Canberra Cabs (13 22 27), Cabxpress (02/6260 6011), Silver Service (13 31 00)

  • Cycling

    Canberra is the perfect place to cycle around. In fact, people here are so passionate about cycling that Canberra has more bicycles than cars per head of the population. You can easily rent a bicycle from one of the numerous cycle renting shops in Canberra and go for a joy ride around the city’s various attractions.

    In fact, a biking tour through the city is one of the best ways to go around the city, explore the national attractions and take in the fresh air. Ensure that you carry a city map with you at all times.

  • Walking

    The climate during the spring season in Canberra entices you to go for long walks around city attractions. The pedestrian tracks or the walking tracks are thoughtfully laid and will take you around the green parks and the lake. In fact, Canberra boasts of some of the most beautiful walking trails in the country. Remember to carry a city map with you at all times to avoid losing your way.