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Travel options

By Air

The Canberra International Airport is well connected to major airports of the world. You can take a direct flight to Canberra from your city if it is available or you can take a flight to Sydney or Melbourne. From Sydney or Melbourne, you can board a connecting flight to Canberra.

Though a flight saves a lot of time, it is an expensive option for domestic travel as compared to bus or train. Flights, however, are often preferred due to the convenience factor. There are regular flights from Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and many other domestic destinations to Canberra.

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By Bus

Canberra enjoys excellent connectivity to other Australian cities by road. Regular buses and coaches operate to and from Canberra to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and the South Coast. However, ensure that you book your bus tickets well in advance to avoid inconvenience at the last moment.

Greyhound Australia, Murrays Coaches and V Line are some of the most prominent bus operators.

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By Train

CountryLink operates daily trains from Sydney to Canberra. Departing from Sydney Central Station, the train goes through the Southern Highlands, Goulburn and Bungendore before finally arriving at Canberry. While there is direct rail link from Sydney to Canberra, there is no such direct link from Melbourne.

You can take a train from Melbourne to Cootamundra, Bairnsdale or Wodonga and catch a bus from there to Canberra.

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