Transportation in Brussels

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  • Bus

    A great and quick way to get around Brussels is by bus. Bus services are regular, punctual and are an economic way of getting around the city.

  • Taxi

    Another great way to explore Brussles in a comfortable way is by hiring a taxi or a car. There are many taxi and car rental companies from where you can hire a taxi or a car right at the airport itself. Taxis in Brussels can be hired from taxi stands or you can just hail a taxi on the street.

  • Metro

    Brussels has a well-connected metro system which serves most parts of the city. Metro stations and trains are clean and well maintained and trains leave and arrive on time. The important stations in Brussels are Midi-Zuid, Central-Centraal and Nord-Noord.

  • On Foot

    One of the best ways to explore Brussels at your own pace is by walking. Most of the attractions in the city are nearby and since the weather is mild walking around the city is a pleasant experience. Since the city is prone to sudden rain showers do make sure you carry an umbrella or raincoat along and wear comfortable walking shoes.