Stoclet House in Brussels

Stoclet House Overview

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One of the most luxurious and beautiful buildings in Brussels remains the Stoclet House, which is essentially a luxury manor built by architect Josef Hoffmann for art enthusiast and banker Adolphe Stoclet. Built between 1905 and 1911, Stoclet gave Hoffman complete freedom in terms of budget and architecture, which resulted in this architectural marvel.

Even though the exterior of the building is rather simple, the interior of this mansion contains artwork by artists such as Gustav Klint, copper sculptures by Franz Metzner and other stunning craftwork. Other than that a lot of expensive material was used to construct this palatial house, such as Norwegian marble and, leather and gilded material. The Stoclet Palace was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in June 2009.

  • Opening Closing Time Since the Stoclet family still owns the Stoclet Palace visitors are not allowed inside, but you can still admire this beautiful building from outside.

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