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  • Woluwe Shopping Centre

    Woluwe Shopping Centre

    Woluwe Shopping Centre is a large shopping mall situated to the east of Brussels and has a great assortment of shops and restaurants. This mall is a great place to spend the entire day shopping, or just relaxing in one of the restaurants of coffee shops. ...

  • Planete Chocolat

    Planete Chocolat

    Planete Chocolat is a chocolate shop in Brussels which is popular for making some of the best chocolates in the city. The chocolates are made with pure cocoa butter and are of exceptional quality. Indulge in some delicious Belgian chocolates at Planete Chocolat and pick up some chocolates as ...

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  • Rue Antoine Dansaert

    Rue Antoine Dansaert

    The Rue Antoine Dansaert is a very posh and fashionable shopping area in Brussels. Amble down the market window shopping through the many boutique shops, specialty stores and bookshops which line the street, many of these stores belong to popular Belgian designers.

    Tired of shopping, there ...

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  • Place du Chatelain

    Place du Chatelain

    Every Wednesday afternoon the Place du Chatelain transforms into a vibrant market where you can sample local food and drink, fresh vegetables, fruit and other culinary delights. Other than local Belgian dishes, you can also try Thai, African and Japanese cuisine as well. When in the market you can also ...

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  • Galeries Saint Hubert

    Galeries Saint Hubert

    The Galeries Saint Hubert is a shopping arcade in Brussels which came into existence before many other popular shopping arcades in Europe in the 19th century. The shopping arcade boasts of impressive architecture including twin facades, glazed shop fronts, two upper floors and a glass panelled roof with a cast-iron ...

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  • Laurent Gerbaud

    Laurent Gerbaud

    Laurent Gerbaud is popular for their chocolate blended with spices and fruits. The ingredients used are of the finest quality which reflects in the delicious taste of their chocolates. These handmade chocolates are packed beautifully and make for great gifts for family and friends back home. ...

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  • Pierre Marcolini

    Pierre Marcolini

    One of the city’s most popular chocolatiers, Pierre Marcolini use rare cocoa beans and incorporate some truly experimental flavours in their chocolates including flavours like tea, pepper, sandalwood and oak. That’s not all; these delicious chocolates come wrapped beautifully in black boxes and would make for a perfect gift for ...

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  • Galler Chocolatier

    Galler Chocolatier

    One of the city’s finest chocolatier, Galler is renowned for its dark, milk and white chocolates. Other than their fantastic range of chocolates Galler’s also has a delicious section dedicated to ice creams, fruit jellies and spreads. All in all a foodies dream come true. ...

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  • Rue Neuve

    Rue Neuve

    Rue Neuve is a great place to shop in Brussels as this is where you will find large departmental stores and shopping centers. The best part of shopping at Rue Neuve is that you will find products across all price ranges.

    This is also a great ...

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