Museums in Brussels

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  • Scientastic Museum

    Scientastic Museum

    This is great place to head if youメre travelling with kids. Scientastic Museum helps children explore abilities they never knew they had, such as doing magic, flying using mirrors and speaking like a duck. The museum is also a great place for children to educate themselves about science in a ...

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  • The BELvue Museum

    The BELvue Museum

    The BELvue Museum is a museum which gives visitors a better understanding into the national history of Belgium. The museum is a great place for history enthusiasts and hosts many permanent and temporary exhibitions and many interesting cultural and educational activities all through the year.

    The museum ...

  • Porte de Hal

    Porte de Hal

    The Porte de Hal, also known as the Halle Gate is essentially the remnants of the second protected city wall of Brussels. The Porte de Hal was built in 1381 and has been named after the city of Halle which it faces. The Halle Gate is the only gate out ...

  • Mont de Arts

    Mont de Arts

    The Mont de Arts is an area of great historic significance in Brussels. Arts and culture lovers will enjoy the Mont de Arts as it offers a wide and rich local cultural experience. Today the Mont de Arts is spread over three hectares and is home to some of Belgiumメs ...

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  • The Museum of the City of Brussels

    The Museum of the City of Brussels

    Located in the Grand Palace Square of Brussles, the Museum of the City of Brussels is a museum in honour of the city of Brussel; its history, development over the years and early inhabitants. The museum is home to illustrations, tapestry, engravings, altarpieces, artwork and ancient models of the city. ...

  • Royal Museum for Central Africa

    Royal Museum for Central Africa

    The Royal Museum for Central Africa also known as the Africa Museum is a natural history museum situated a little outside of the city of Belgium. The focus of the museum is Congo, a country in Central Africa which was once colonized by Belgium.

    The museum is ...

  • AutoWorld


    Located in the southern hall of Cinquantenaire Park, the AutoWorld is essentially a museum dedicated to cars. The museum houses a varied collection of over four hundred cars, including American and European automobiles right from the 19th century to the 1970's. The AutoWorld is home to cars such as the ...

  • Magritte Museum

    Magritte Museum

    The Magritte Museum is dedicated to Belgian artist Rene Magritte. The museum is located in a five storey neo-classical Hotel Altenloh near the Royal Museum of Fine Arts and is home to over two hundred paintings, drawings and sculptures of Magritte. Some of Magritte's most celebrated work's including The Return, ...

  • Royal Museum of Fine Arts

    Royal Museum of Fine Arts

    One of the most popular museums in Brussels, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts comprises of four museums in all, including the Museum of Ancient Art and the Museum of Modern Art. The other two museums are the Constantin Meunier Museum and the Antoine Wiertz Museum, which are dedicated to ...

  • Cinematek (Musee de Cinema )

    Cinematek (Musee de Cinema )

    Cinematek, also known as Musee de Cinema is essentially a permanent exhibition of ancient objects which existed before the coming of cinema as we know it today. Visitors can view projections from original footage which has been rarely viewed from the royal cinema archives and also go through documents which ...

  • Cinquanteraire Museum

    Cinquanteraire Museum

    The Cinquanteraire Museum is a part of the Royal Museum for Art and History. The museum is divided into four parts, including the collection of national archaeology (which is the period between the prehistory and Merovingian period) , the collection of antiquity, the collection of Non-European civilizations and the ...

  • Museum of Original Figurines

    Museum of Original Figurines

    Also known as the MOOF Museum, the Museum of Original Figurines is home to comic figurines, comic strips as well as original drawings. The MOOF Museum has something for everyone and attracts children, adults and even the elderly. The museum is a haven for comic collectors and is a great ...

  • Horta Museum

    Horta Museum

    The Horta Museum is a museum dedicated to celebrate Belgian architect Victor Horta, who is regarded as the founding father of the art nouveau style of architecture. The museum is situated in the house of Horta and was purchased by the District of St.Giles in 1963 who turned it into ...

  • Musical Instrument Museum

    Musical Instrument Museum

    One of the most popular museums in Brussels, the Musical Instrument Museum (shortened to MIM) is situated in a beautiful Art Nouveau style building called Old England.

    Visitors can enjoy a beautiful audio experience on their visit to the museum. Instead of just reading about the ...

  • Museum David and Alice Buuren

    Museum David and Alice Buuren

    The Museum David and Alice Buuren is a essentially a private house built for art lover and banker David Buuren and his wife Alice. The house was built between 1924 and 1928 by the Buuren’s as a work of art to display their art collections surrounded by Art Deco interiors.

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