Monuments in Brussels

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  • Maison Cauchie

    Maison Cauchie

    The Maison Cauchie, also known as the Cauchie House was built in 1950 by architect, painter and designer Paul Cauchier. One of the most beautiful buildings in Brussles, the Maison Cauchie is beautifully adorned with female figures. The exterior of the building is famous for its allegorical graffito.

  • Stoclet House

    Stoclet House

    One of the most luxurious and beautiful buildings in Brussels remains the Stoclet House, which is essentially a luxury manor built by architect Josef Hoffmann for art enthusiast and banker Adolphe Stoclet. Built between 1905 and 1911, Stoclet gave Hoffman complete freedom in terms of budget and architecture, which resulted ...

  • Porte de Hal

    Porte de Hal

    The Porte de Hal, also known as the Halle Gate is essentially the remnants of the second protected city wall of Brussels. The Porte de Hal was built in 1381 and has been named after the city of Halle which it faces. The Halle Gate is the only gate out ...

  • Coudenberg


    Coudenberg is a hill in Brussels where the Palace of Coudenberg was initially built. For almost seven centuries the castle and the palace were the centre of government in Brussels and all the counts, dukes, kings, emperors and governors would sit and govern from here.

    The building was ...