Landmarks in Brussels

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  • Laeken Palace

    Laeken Palace

    The Laeken Palace also known as the Royal Palace of Laeken is the official residence of the King and Queen of Belgium. The palace is constructed in the Louis XVI castle style and is built on the site of what was once an old manor house.


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  • Place Royale

    Place Royale

    In the heart of Brussels lies the Place Royale, a square of historic importance. Emblematic of Louis XVI style of architecture, the square is famed for the uniformity of its architecture. Constructed on the site of the previous Palace of Coudenberg, the Place Royale is perched on a hill which ...

  • Place du Grand Sablon

    Place du Grand Sablon

    The Place du Grand Sablon is an ancient square which has ancient houses from the 16th and 18th century. In the square one can also find little shops selling antiques, restaurants serving local cuisine and chocolatiers.

    The local church sets up a market every weekend, which adds ...

  • Brussels Town Hall

    Brussels Town Hall

    The Brussels Town Hall is located on the famous Grand Place in the city and is housed in an impressive Gothic building dating back to the middle ages. Overlooked by tourists this beautiful Napolean III style palace is definitely a must visit when in Brussels.

    Built in ...

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  • Mannekin Pis

    Mannekin Pis

    The Mannekin Pis is a landmark of sorts in Brussels and is a fountain depicting a little boy urinating into the base of the fountain. There are many legends behind this fountain and one of them is that a man visiting Brussles lost his son in the city and upon ...

  • Atomium


    Constructed for the Expo in 1958, the Atomium is a building which was constructed exclusively for the Brussels World Fair. Designed by Andre Waterkeyn, an engineer and architects Andre and Jean Polak this structure is 102 metres tall. The structure I made out of stainless steel has nine, 18 meter ...