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Travel options

By Air

The Brussels International Airport, also known as the Brussels National or Zaventem is the major airport of Brussels and is well connected to major cities across the world, including most European cities. The airport is well connected to the city and you can either take a taxi or a train to reach the city. Trains leave from the airport every 15 minutes and are a convenient and quick way to get into the city.

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By Bus

Brussels is connected by a strong bus network to major European cities such as London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Paris.

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By Train

Brussels has three main stations, namely the Midi-Zuid, Central-Centraal and Nord-Noord. Brussels is very well connected to all major cities in Europe through a strong railway network. There are many high-speed trains operated by Thalys and Eurostar and connect Brussles to cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Nice and other European destinations.

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Road/Self Drive

If you wish to enjoy the beautiful and tranquil countryside of Europe then hiring a car is a great option. But do make sure you have a thorough understanding of the map of Europe before taking on this journey. Brussels has a great road network, uninterrupted by tolls and getting from one European city to the other is rather convenient.