Food in Brussels

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  • Chocolates


    Brussels is synonymous with great chocolate and when in the city do make it a point to try out the various varieties of chocolate the city is home to. There are numerous chocolatiers around the city who only use fresh cocoa beans in their chocolate preparation and use no preservatives, ...

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  • Beer


    Beer for Belgians is more than just a chilled drink. Home to more than 650 varieties of beers, Brussels is a haven for beer lovers. Take a break from sightseeing and relax at a local pub enjoying fresh and chilled beer. If you wish to understand and learn more about ...

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  • Boudin Blanc

    Boudin Blanc

    One of the most popular dishes in Brussels is Boudin Blanc, which is essentially fried blood sausages made from pork and served with white rice. ...

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  • Waffles


    Light, crispy and delicious, Brussels is immensely popular for its waffles. It is best enjoyed as a breakfast item, or even as an any time snack. Served with whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce each bite of these delectable waffles will leave you wanting more. ...

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