Brussels FAQs

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Area geography

Located in the northern centre of Belgium, Brussels borders the Wallonia and Flemish regions of Belgium and is hemmed in by the valley of the River Senne. Located 60 miles from the North Sea, the city of Brussels is shaped like a pentagon and is flanked by spacious boulevards.

Notes currencies cards

Euro is the currency used in Brussels and you will find many ATM’s around the city from where you can withdraw cash. There are also many banks and forex centers from where you can change currency. The best place to exchange currency is at the airport. You can also exchange currency at the many ATM’s across the city.

Cellular service for tourists

To avoid high international roaming charges, tourists are advised to get a pre-paid local SIM card which is easily available from mobile stores across the city. You will also find many mobile stores at the airport as well.

Wifi internet

WiFi internet is easily available in most hotels in Brussels. Many restaurants and pubs also provide free WiFi to their customers.

Drinking laws

The legal drinking age in Brussels is 16 (18 years for liquor with more than 22%alcohol)


It is not necessary to tip at restaurants and bars since the bill already includes a service charge. Even taxi drivers and other service professionals don’t need to be tipped.

Custom visa

Indian nationals can apply for a Belgian tourist visa at their local embassy or consulate. While applying please ensure that your passport is valid for at least three months after the expiry of your visa. Also make sure you submit all the necessary documents at the time of application to avoid any unnecessary delays in visa processing.


Brussels is a safe city, but as is with any other city, make sure you exercise necessary caution. Ensure the safety of your personal belongings and try not to venture into secluded and lonely areas after dark.

General information

Languages spoken

Dutch and French

Time zones

UTC + 1:00

Major religions

Catholicism is followed by the majority in Brussels, followed by Islam, Judaism. There are even a sizeable number of atheists and agnostics in Brussels.

Domestic international calling codes


Electricity standards

230 V, plug E

Common greetings

Hello: Hallo

Good Morning: Goedemorgen

Good Evening: Goedenavond

Goodbye: Tot ziens

Thank you: Dank u

Sorry: het spijt me

Do you speak English? Spreekt u Engels?

I do not understand: Ik begrijp het niet

No: Nee

Yes: Ja

How are you? Hoe maakt u het?

What is your name? Hoe heet u?

My name is: Mijn naam is ______

Where is the washroom? Waar is het toilet?

I am vegetarian: Ik ben vegetarier

How much does this cost? Hoeveel kost dit?

Too expensive! Dat is te duur

A little cheaper: goedkoop


Emergency numbers

Police: 112
Fire: 112
Ambulance: 112
Tourist Help Desk: 0032 (0) 25138320