Brussels Culture

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  • Wiels Contemporary Art Centre

    Wiels Contemporary Art Centre

    Wiels Contemporary Art Centre is home to several international art exhibitions year after year. Apart from exhibitions, the art centre also hosts many other cultural events such as book launches, book readings, film screenings, summer workshops for children and other presentations. There is also a bookstore on the premises from ...

  • La Monnaie

    La Monnaie

    The La Monnaie, also known as the Royal Theatre is essentially an opera house and remains a popular tourist attraction in Brussels. The theatre is home to a multi-storey balcony and a traditional curtained theatre.

    The La Monnaie hosts around two operas every month. Apart from operas, ...

  • Villa Empain

    Villa Empain

    The Villa Empain is a private house constructed by Swiss architect Michel Polak for Baron Louis Empain, the son of a well-known Belgian industrialist Baron Edouard Empain.

    Constructed between 1930 and 1934 this luxury villa is constructed in the Art Deco style. Baron Louis Empain did not ...

  • Mont de Arts

    Mont de Arts

    The Mont de Arts is an area of great historic significance in Brussels. Arts and culture lovers will enjoy the Mont de Arts as it offers a wide and rich local cultural experience. Today the Mont de Arts is spread over three hectares and is home to some of Belgiumメs ...

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  • Place Ste Catherine

    Place Ste Catherine

    Place Ste Catherine is a popular tourist attraction in Brussels as the place offers visitors many different experiences. Right from an open air skating ring, to vibrant markets (look out for the Christmas market during Christmas time) and temporary exhibitions.

    Other than the Place Ste Catherine ...

  • Cantillon Brewery

    Cantillon Brewery

    Founded in 1900 the Cantillon Brewery is one of the oldest breweries in Brussels and is a small family owned business. Famous for its lambic beers, the Cantillon Brewery was founded by Paul Cantillon who belonged to a family of brewers.

    The brewery churns out many different ...

  • Grand Place

    Grand Place

    The Grand Place or the Grote Markt is one of the most beautiful squares, not only in Brussels, but also in Europe. Displaying architecture from three different eras’; Baroque, Gothic and Louis XIV, the square is truly an aesthetic delight and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Royal Toone Theatre

    Royal Toone Theatre

    The Royal Toone Theatre began way back in the 1830 with Antoine Genty Toone. By 1996 the theatre had gained a new identity for itself when the City of Brussels saved the theater from closing down. The theater hosts traditional puppet shows and also has performances in Dutch, Spanish, English, ...

  • Ommegang Festival

    Ommegang Festival

    The Ommegang Festival takes place in July every year and is a colourful and exciting festival which will take you back to the medieval age. The festival takes place on the grounds of the Grand Place in Brussels and pays homage to Emperor Charles V and his royal guests. This ...

  • Binche Carnival

    Binche Carnival

    The Binche Carnival is one of the most popular festivals in Belgium and takes place in the town of Binche which is an hour away from Brussels. The festival starts seven weeks before Lent and lasts for 49 days. The festival comprises of dances and parties. Men dress up in ...

  • Stavelot Carnival

    Stavelot Carnival

    The Stavelot Carnival is held annually on the fourth Sunday of Lent. The celebrations include local men dressed in white, with masks and red noses, known as the Blancs-Moussis, who walk the streets of the city, showering confetti on people and hitting bystanders with dried pig bladders.

  • Zinneke Parade

    Zinneke Parade

    The Zinneke Parade is a parade which is held once in two years in Belgium aimed at helping the different cultures and communities within the city to connect with each other. This vibrant carnival comprises of live music, dance and colourful costumes. The parade has been taking place since the ...