Coudenberg in Brussels

Home to the once constructed Palace of Coudenberg

Home to the once constructed Palace of Coudenberg | Photo credit: Aktron/wikimedia

Coudenberg Overview

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Coudenberg is a hill in Brussels where the Palace of Coudenberg was initially built. For almost seven centuries the castle and the palace were the centre of government in Brussels and all the counts, dukes, kings, emperors and governors would sit and govern from here.

The building was destroyed in 1731 and after many years of excavation the ruins of the site are now open to the public. On your visit to the site where the palace once stood you can discover the Rue Isabelle and other ancient structures from the original building. Also to be found on the site are some remarkable discoveries that were made during the excavation process.

  • Opening Closing Time 9:30 am to 5pm (Monday to Friday). 10 am to 6 pm (July and August)

  • Entrance Fee EUR 6

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