Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels

Cinquantenaire Park Overview

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The Cinquantenaire Park, or Jubelpark is a park and national landmark in Brussels. Literally translated as the Park of the fiftieth anniversary, the Cinquantenaire Park was constructed when Leopold was king to celebrate fifty years of Belgian independence.

The park is built in the shape of a pentagon and at the south east point is a large arch with two arms stretching out. These two arms of the arch house three museums. The left arm is home to Autoworld, a car museum which displays the evolution of cars right from the early days to modern times. With over four hundred cars on display, this is the largest car museum in Europe. The other two arches have an art and an army museum respectively.

Visitors can also climb to the top of the arch from the army museum to enjoy a beautiful view of Brussels. Entry to the top of the arch is free. In the summer time the Arcade du Cinquantenaire turns into a lively drive through cinema.

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