Cinematek (Musee de Cinema ) in Brussels

Cinematek (Musee de Cinema ) Overview

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Cinematek, also known as Musee de Cinema is essentially a permanent exhibition of ancient objects which existed before the coming of cinema as we know it today. Visitors can view projections from original footage which has been rarely viewed from the royal cinema archives and also go through documents which are available at the Cinematek museum.

The museum also has five film screenings every day and the screenings take a look at what cinema was like in its early days; right from the early producers, directors, actors, theatres and documentaries. Cinematek has something for everyone, right from the first time visitor to the film buff.

Film screenings at Cinematek take place in a well-equipped screening room in their original print and language (subtitled in French and Dutch), while silent films are accompanied by piano music. Cinematek is a film lover's paradise and the museum also has ancient objects related to film, display cases, posters, reading tables and magazines from the days gone by.

  • Opening Closing Time 6:30 pm (Monday and Tuesday), 4:30 pm (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday)

  • Entrance Fee Entry is free.

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