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  • Travel Style

  • Culture Vultures
  • history & culture)
    • Language

      Dutch and French
    • Altitude

      13 metres
    • Time zone

      UTC + 1:00
    • Theme


Rich in history, culture and breathtaking Art Nouveau architecture, allow yourself to be drawn into the intriguing and multicultural capital of Belgium. With a surprise waiting at every corner, allow Brussels to mesmerize you.

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You will like

  • Chocolate

    Brussels and chocolate are synonymous and the city is famous for being home to some of the best chocolate in the world. Belgian chocolates are prepared using fresh ingredients, including the finest cocoa beans and no preservatives. When in Brussels do make it a point to try the many varieties of chocolate the city boasts of, including unique flavours such as tea, pepper and oak.

  • Beer

    Brussels is a haven for beer lovers and the city boastS of more than 650 varieties of the drink. Head to a local pub to get a taste of local Belgian beer, or take a beer tour to understand the process of beer making.

  • Culture

    Culture aficionados will love Brussels, as the city is rich in arts, history and culture. Visit the many museums and art galleries in Brussels and soak in the city’s rich culture. Admire the grand Art Nouveau style of architecture which can be found all over the city, watch a play or a musical or even a puppet show if you’re so inclined and let the spirit of Brussels wash over you.

Be prepared

  • Language

    Not many locals speak and understand English and hence communication might be a slight challenge in the city. Hence it is advised to carry a guide book and acquaint yourself with a few common greetings in Dutch and French to make it a bit easier for yourself.

Describing It

Renowned for its spectacular Art Nouveau architecture, rich culture, eventful history and cozy cafes and pubs bustling with people, this vibrant capital city of Belgium is a city which will leave you asking for more. Brimming with contrasts, Brussels has something for everyone and makes for a wonderful year round vacation destination. Belgium’s largest city, Brussels is one of Europe’s most popular cities and will impress you with its diversity.

Take a stroll down the city’s cobbled streets, soak in the history and culture of Brussles by a visit to one of the many museums and art galleries in the city. If you’re so inclined, take a bike tour in the city and discovers lesser known corners of Brussels at your own pace. Treat your taste buds to exquisite Belgian chocolate at the many chocolatiers around the city. If it’s something stronger you’re looking for then head to a local pub where you can relax and enjoy a tall glass of chilled Belgian beer.

Amble through the markets of Brussels, bargaining in flea markets, or admiring designer ware at classy boutiques. Tired of shopping? Sample some Belgian delicacies at local café’s, or just sit in one of the many parks around the city reading a book, people watching or just relaxing. Brussels will charm you with its many delights and make sure you come back for more.