Landmarks in Bodh Gaya

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  • Mahabodhi Temple

    Mahabodhi Temple

    One of India’s prime spiritual places, Mahabodhi Temple is not just a temple but Buddha’s actual enlightenment place. Such is the calmness that surrounds this meticulously built temple that it attracts people of all age groups to visit it at least once.

    Built by Ashoka ...

    Religious Cultural Landmark
  • Bodhi Tree

    Bodhi Tree

    A peepal tree, it forms a major and most sacred part of the Mahabodhi Temple. In Buddhism, ‘bodhi’ means awakening experience or awareness of the true nature of the universe. It is believed that it was under this famous tree that Siddhartha Buddha meditated and attained enlightenment (around 2500 years ...

    Religious Landmark
  • Great Buddha Statue

    Great Buddha Statue

    25 meters tall, it is by far the largest and the first Buddha statue ever built in India. Owing to its huge size, it is quite a star-catcher with not just the pilgrims but every tourist in Bodh Gaya. Located right next to the Mahabodhi Temple, this statue was unveiled ...

    Religious Landmark