Bodh Gaya Culture

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  • Mahabodhi Temple

    Mahabodhi Temple

    One of India’s prime spiritual places, Mahabodhi Temple is not just a temple but Buddha’s actual enlightenment place. Such is the calmness that surrounds this meticulously built temple that it attracts people of all age groups to visit it at least once.

    Built by Ashoka ...

    Religious Cultural Landmark
  • Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple

    Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple

    15 kilometers away from the holy city of Bodh Gaya is the Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple. Boasting of intricate wooden carvings, this temple is known for its unique and exquisite Japanese architecture and is a perfect example of Buddhist traditions and culture.

    Housing beautiful Japanese paintings that trace ...

    Religious Cultural
  • Royal Bhutan Monastery

    Royal Bhutan Monastery

    Constructed by the King of Bhutan in the praise of Lord Buddha, the Royal Buddha Monastery showcases important instances from the life of Lord Buddha. A lot of tourists visit this popular monastery owing to its traditional architecture in the form of clay carvings.

    This monastery also ...

    Cultural Religious
  • Thai Monastery

    Thai Monastery

    Of all the monasteries in Bodh Gaya, Thai monastery stands out for its exceptional architecture and stunning beauty. It has a sloping roof covered with golden tiles. Also home to a Thai Temple, the monastery has a 25-meter high bronze statue of Lord Buddha. The place abounds with peace and ...

    Cultural Religious
  • Bodhgaya Multimedia Museum

    Bodhgaya Multimedia Museum

    In case you wish to watch (and not see) the significant traces in Buddha’s life, this museum will give you a thorough study dating back 2500 years in a more interesting and informative manner, that is in a visual format. The entire show is divided into four sections which are ...

    Cultural Museum
  • Root Institute for Wisdom Culture

    Root Institute for Wisdom Culture

    Aiming to inculcate an in-depth knowledge on spirituality and practicing Buddhist meditation, the Root Institute for Wisdom Culture in Bodh Gaya offers introductory and intermediate meditation courses for beginners every year from October to March. You need to donate a certain amount to enroll for the course. This includes both ...

    Cultural Religious
  • Burmese Vihara Monastery

    Burmese Vihara Monastery

    Flanked by a lush-green garden, the Burmese Vihara Monastery in Bodh Gaya is a must visit on your trip to the peaceful city. It boasts of a library which has a rich collection of books (in many languages). What's more, it is also updated with all the basic facilities that ...

    Cultural Religious