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Did you know? It is believed that the great statue of Lord Buddha at the Mahabodhi temple was built by a random person (who wasn’t a skilled artisan) from clay. But the shrine he created was so extraordinary that people could not believe it to be true. Once, however, a Buddhist monk (who was sleeping inside the sanctum) dreamt of Lord Buddha who then claimed that the shrine was created by Buddha himself. Since then, the statue at the Mahabodhi temple has become the most famous in the entire Buddhist society.


Best Time to Visit Bodh Gaya

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Owing to its huge Buddhist following, tourist and scholars often visit Bodh Gaya irrespective of the season. However, the peak tourist season in Bodh Gaya is between October and March when the temperature is moderate and the weather is pleasant for visiting different attractions in the town. Here’s a monthly break up of Bodh Gaya’s climatic conditions so you can plan when to go:

March to June: This is the summer season in Bodh Gaya. Known for extreme climate, months from March to June are the hottest in Bodh Gaya with temperatures that can soar as high as 47 degree Celsius. However, tourists come during Buddha Jayanti which occurs during this period and the entire town is decked up for a grand celebration.

July to September: These months form the monsoon season in Bodh Gaya. There will be rains accompanied with humidity. While a humid atmosphere might not be conducive for a day sightseeing tour in the town but the overall weather is generally pleasant and some of the tourists prefer to travel during this time as it is less crowded.

November to February: This is the peak season when travellers from all across the globe come to Bodh Gaya to enroll for various courses on spirituality, Buddhism, mankind and other related genres. Considering it’s the winter season, the weather can be cold but good enough to do all the sightseeing in the town with temperatures ranging between 28 degrees celsius to as low as 4 degree celsius. Also, enrollments to various courses start during this time and a lot of Buddhist monks visit the town humming the sacred chants as they stroll around.