Bikaner FAQs

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Area geography

Located in the north-western part of Rajasthan, Bikaner lies in the middle of the Thar Desert covering an area of 27,244 square kilometres. Being a desert area, Bikaner witnesses scanty rainfall, extreme temperatures and sometime thunderstorms in the hottest periods of May and June. Even the flora and fauna found in this region is reflective of desert type. The famous Indira Gandhi Canal (which is popularly referred as Rajasthan Canal) is the main source of irrigation in Bikaner district.

Notes currencies cards

The currency used in Bikaner is Indian Rupee. Though there aren’t many exchange centres in Bikaner, you can rely on the currency exchange facilities offered by banks and star-rated hotels. Major banks like State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, Central Bank Of India, Punjab National Bank and others have ATMs where most of the debit and credit cards are accepted.

Cellular service for tourists

Bikaner is well-connected with most of the cellular services used across India including Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, Idea, Tata Docomo (CDMA & GSM), Aircel, MTS, Reliance (CDMA & GSM).

Wifi internet

Internet connectivity is good in Bikaner. Though 4G mobile broadband is not available yet, but 3G and other mobile broadband services are available here. While landline internet services in Bikaner are provided by BSNL, wired internet service is provided by Sify Broadband.

Drinking laws

The legal age for alcohol consumption in Bikaner is 18 years.


It is often welcomed by taxi drivers, porters, concierge and tour guides. Also, an additional 10% of the bill can be tipped at the restaurants in case service charge is not included in the bill.


Bikaner is safe to travel but it is wise to be alert and use your common sense while exploring the city. Try not to head off to the desert without a resourceful guide and do not fall for fake touts. Deal only with licensed travel agents and guides.

General information

Languages spoken

Rajasthani, Marwari, Hindi and English

Time zones

GMT + 05.30 hours

Major religions

Hinduism, Jainism and Islam

Domestic international calling codes

+91 01521

Electricity standards

220volts/ 50 hertz; It is wise to carry a combination plug that will insert to a round-pin socket.

Common greetings

Hello/Good Morning/Good Evening – Khamma Ghani Sa, Ram Ram Sa

Goodbye – Padhaaro Sa

Thank you – Dhanyawaad Sa

Sorry – Maafi Sa

Do you speak English? – Angrezi samjho ho?

I don't understand – Manne samajh ko ni aave

No – Nai

Yes- Haan Sa

I don’t know – Manne Tha Koi Ni

How are you? – Kya Haal Sa?

What is your name? – Aapro naum kai hai?

My name is – Mhaaro naam

Where is the washroom? – Washroom katthe hai?

Is this vegetarian? ( point to a dish in a menu card) – Veg kai hai?

Where is this? (point to a monument, amenity on a paper/map) – Au katthe hai?

How much does this cost? – Kitte rau hai?

Too expensive! – Ghano mehengo hai!

A little cheaper – Thodo kam karo


Emergency numbers

Police                   91-151-2226111/1090

Fire                       101

Hospital               +91-151-2230951/102

Tourism Office     +91-151-2226701

Bus Inquiry          (151)2523800

Ambulance          (0151) 2211066,  

PBM Hospital   
Hospital Rd, Sardar Patel Colony, Bikaner, Tel: (151)2226335, (151)2226336 ,  

Mathur Hospital & Research Centre

Sohan Sajjan Bhawan, Rani Bazar, Bikaner, Tel: (0151) 22214319782866099,  , Goodwil Eye & General Hospital, Naganechi Scheme, Main Road, Bikaner, Tel: (0151) 2240544