Bara Bagh, near the Thar Desert

Bara Bagh, near the Thar Desert | Photo credit: Bara Bagh, near the Thar Desert

Gearing up for the Camel festival...

Gearing up for the Camel festival... | Photo credit: Gearing up for the Camel festival...

Simply spectacular- Junagarh Palace

Simply spectacular- Junagarh Palace | Photo credit: Simply spectacular- Junagarh Palace

Destination Snapshot

  • Travel Style

  • First Timers
  • Culture Vultures
  • Nirvana-aah
  • Family Fun
    • Language

      Rajasthani, Marwari, Hindi and English
    • Altitude

      237 m
    • Time zone

      GMT + 05.30 hours
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Of forts and museums, temples and shrines, desert and lake; Bikaner can make you feel like a Maharaja one day and a dreamy saint on the other!

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You will like

  • Palaces and Museums

    Bikaner houses some of the most ancient artefacts in various museums and is home to royal palaces which have now been converted into heritage hotels.

  • Kundan Jewellery

    Not many know that this unique jewellery was originated in Bikaner. Head to the old city of Bikaner where you would find almost every third shop selling beautiful Kundan ornaments.

  • Camel Festival

    Watch Bikaner at its grandeur best during the month of January. Yes, it’s time for Camel festival where you can witness the true spirit of the ship of the desert.

Be prepared

  • Weather

    Though Bikaner is a year-round destination, the weather can get hot and sunny during summers. Don't forget to leave your hotel without a hat and a sunscreen!

  • No Nightlife

    While a day in Bikaner is filled with a lot of activities like city tours, shopping, forts, temples and museums; there isn’t much to do at night!

Describing It

Tucked in the north-western part of Rajasthan, close to the Thar Desert, this quaint desert town will surely paint a thousand pictures of the British Raj, Indian history and a Maharaja-like lifestyle in your mind. So, whether it is the majestic forts, the dark and uneven lanes of Old Bikaner, the fusion of red sandstone and marble buildings, the historical references adorning the museum walls or the impeccable architecture of the Jain temples; you would be in for a historical surprise every time.

Bikaner has a special place for Camels. No wonder it is home to the famous Camel Festival where phenomenal preparations begin with huge pomp and travellers from every corner of the world come to witness the humble animal in action, every January.

Food-lovers need not fret for you can try many Rajasthani delicacies here. This is the land where Bhujia was born (a crispy Indian snack) and camel milk sweets are prepared. Don’t miss trying out the different varieties in Bikaner.

Many travellers also come to Bikaner to visit the famous Rat Temple (also known as Karni Mata Temple) in Deshnok where rats are considered holy and pilgrims offer prasad to please them.