Transportation in Bangalore

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  • Bus

    Travelling around the city by bus is perhaps the cheapest and one of the most convenient ways. The bus ticket prices are somewhat costlier than most of the other states but the service is top-notch.

    You can avail buses to and from any part of Bangalore. The buses display the route number in English while the destination of the bus and the route information is displayed in Kannada. You would need to know the route number of your destination before boarding the bus.

    You can find route numbers on the official website of Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation. The ordinary city buses are white and blue in colour. The red buses ply to and from the adjoining suburbs while the black display board buses run within the city.

  • Taxi

    You can hire a car or taxi from the airport, the railway station or one of the car rental agencies in the city. Hired cars or taxis are a good way to move around the city and explore all that it has to offer. However, parking might be a problem in some of the crowded market areas.

  • Auto Rickshaws

    One of the simplest and best ways to travel around the city is in an auto rickshaw. Auto-rickshaws are easily available throughout the city at all hours of the day.