Cafe Lotus in Bali

Cafe Lotus is a gastronomical delight!

Cafe Lotus is a gastronomical delight!

Cafe Lotus Overview

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This is the most romantic place to have dinner in Ubud. Started in 1982, this café was originally conceptualized as a meeting place for artists and backpackers. The café is still aligned to its creative side. Though there are outlets of Café Lotus across Bali, the first one in Ubud is still the best choice.

While having your meal, you can enjoy traditional performances. The lotus pond right outside and the sitting area of the café adds glamour to the place.

Recommended Dishes

  • Be-pasih goa lawah: A marinated fish delicacy that is steamed and served in a traditional style on a banana leaf
  • Opening Closing Time 8 am to 11 pm

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