Stores in Amsterdam

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  • COPA Football Store

    COPA Football Store

    All football fans must visit out the COPA flagship store in Amsterdam. Original jerseys, merchandise, bags, books and artworks are just some of the things you can buy here. A visit to this store will be a delightful experience for all football fanatics. ...

  • Chocolatl


    Wondering what gift to take for friends back home? Chocolates from Chocolatl are a great idea! A paradise for chocoholics, Chocolatl is a specialty shop which sells unique flavours and varieties of chocolates. A chocolate gallery of sorts, it is a place that brings you closer to the best artisanal ...

  • Condomerie


    Condomerie is a speciality store which is more than just a shopping destination. The small shop has countless varieties, colours, sizes and flavours of condoms and you can check out their catalogue to go through the entire collection. Once you enter this store, a unique (and not just shopping) experience ...

  • PGC Hajenius

    PGC Hajenius

    No matter what type or size of cigar you are looking for, PGC Hajenius has something for you. The shop also has a small smoking room where you can try different flavours of cigars before you buy them. While you will be spoilt for choices here, the knowledgeable and experienced ...

  • Papa Bubble

    Papa Bubble

    Papa Bubble is the place to buy handmade candies in Amsterdam. These candies are not only delicious to eat but are a treat to the eyes as well. They are beautifully crafted in different shapes and colours and are available in all flavours you can think of. In fact, you ...

  • De Kaaskamer

    De Kaaskamer

    Amsterdam abounds with speciality shops and De Kaaskamer is one of them. Foodaholics are definitely in for a treat here since this specialty shop has many different types of cheese on sale. You can buy organic, matured, Gouda, goat and sheep cheese blocks and these are as fresh as it ...