Dera Baba Jaimal Singhji in Amritsar

Dera Baba Jaimal Singhji Overview

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Boasting of a beautiful and serene location by the banks of River Beas, Dera Baba Jaimal Singhji is an important religious site for the Sikh community all over the world. It is said that Baba Jaimal Singh Ji studied the Guru Granth Sahib and came to the conclusion that the holy book rejected rituals like fasting, temple worship and bathing on pilgrimages. He joined the army and retired from the army ON June 7, 1889. He came back to his village and started living in a small hut by the banks of River Beas. One of his devotees donated three beeghas of land for establishment of a dera. Hence, Dera Baba Jaimal Singhji was established.

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On banks of River Beas, 5 kilometres from Beas town, Amritsar