Places To Eat in Almora

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  • Bansal Café

    Bansal Café

    A quaint little café in the middle of the Mall and Lal Bazaar, Bansal Café offers delicious vegetarian food and sumptuous snacks such as lassi, chaat, and samosas. You can also sip on refreshing good ol’ cold coffee in the midst of crowded market areas. ...

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  • Glory Restaurant

    Glory Restaurant

    Run in the family through generations, the Glory Restaurant has been popular among tourists and locals alike. With lip-smacking North and South Indian fare, the restaurant offers the best of India on a platter. ...

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  • New Soni Restaurant

    New Soni Restaurant

    A Sikh restaurant that provides comfort food for all, New Soni welcomes its guests with open arms. Friendly staff, delicious cuisines packed with flavour – a meal here will certainly bring a smile on your face! ...

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  • Ginger Tea

    Ginger Tea

    When in Almora, live like the Kumaonis and don’t be surprised if you are offered ginger tea every time you meet a new person. The natives sip adrak chai (ginger tea) to stay warm in the hills. ...

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  • Choklate


    Those with a sweet tooth must try their dose of ‘Choklate’, a condensed milk sweet with fudge-like consistency. With amazing aroma and flavour, it’s hard to be happy with just one bite! ...

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  • Singauri


    A unique type of milk sweet wrapped in a green Malu leaf, which gives it its acclaimed flavour, Singauri is a must-try for tourists in Almora. ...

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