Places To See in Alleppey

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  • Krishnapuram Palace

    Krishnapuram Palace

    Built in the 18th century by the erstwhile Travancore king Marthanda Varma Maharaja, the Krishnapuram Palace today is an archeological museum exhibiting many antique sculptures and exquisite paintings.

    The palace is famous for resplendent mural paintings and architecture. The most famous mural in Krishanpuram Palace is the 14 ...

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  • Backwaters


    The backwaters of Alleppey could be described as a mirage of what heaven must look like on a tranquil day; only, it’s not a mirage but very real.

    Alleppey is blessed with a rather peculiar geographical feature of having the water at level with the land. As a ...

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  • Kuttanad


    Kuttanad has the distinction of being the ‘rice bowl of Kerala’. It’s known far and wide for its huge spreads of green paddy fields against the backdrop of placid backwaters.

    Adding to the enchanting scenery is the intricate network of inland waterways, which flow above ground level. ...

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  • Ambalapuzha Temple

    Ambalapuzha Temple

    The Ambalapuzha Temple is the house of the revered deity Lord Krishna and is also known as the ‘Dwaraka’ of the south. Famous for the Ambalapuzha Temple Festival, the temple has on display exquisite mural paintings. The Ambalapuzha Palpayasam (sweet milk porridge) is a specialty of the temple. ...

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  • Karumadi Kuttan Statue

    Karumadi Kuttan Statue

    Situated in the Karumadi village, near Alleppey, the Karumadi Kuttan is a remnant of Kerala’s glorious past as a Buddhist centre. It’s actually a huge, black granite statue of Lord Buddha dating back to 10th century AD. ...

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  • Arthunkal Church

    Arthunkal Church

    This impressive shrine is dedicated to St. Sebastian and was built by the Portuguese. The church is famous for the annual feast of St. Sebastian held in January every year. Christians and people from different faiths converge here to join in the festivities. ...

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