Food in Alleppey

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  • Alleppey Fish Curry

    Alleppey Fish Curry

    A delicious delicacy, Alleppey fish curry is prepared with tomato sauce and fish tamarind. Enjoy this non-vegetarian dish at restaurants all across town! ...

    Local Dish Must Try
  • Peera Fish

    Peera Fish

    Want a bite of South Indian fare with a twist? Try the local favourite Fish Peera. This dish has chunks of fish toasted with grated coconut in tamarind sauce. ...

    Local Dish
  • Varutharacha Kozhi Curry

    Varutharacha Kozhi Curry

    Curry and rice go hand in hand. And in Alleppey, tourists have the chance to taste the mouth-watering Varutharacha Kozhi curry. This curry has semi-fried chicken toasted with coconut and chilly and is usually had with rice or steamed tapioca. ...

    Local Dish
  • Kurukku Kalan

    Kurukku Kalan

    Ever had banana with rice? Well, this is your chance to devour Kurukku Kalan, a thick yogurt curry with toasted banana and hot rice. Fascinating and very tasty! ...

    Local Dish
  • Banana Chips

    Banana Chips

    Want to munch on something while touring the city? Crispy banana chips are a delicacy and great as snacks! These packets of chips are commonly available in markets all across Allepey. ...

    Local Dish Must Try