Ajmer Shopping

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  • Madar Gate

    Madar Gate

    Ajmer is a small city but a great shopping destination. The local Rajasthani flavour can be experienced at Madar Gate, a popular location offering plenty of shopping opportunities.

    Here, you will find the vibrant, geometrical patterns of the bandhini work, Jodhpuri jootis, silver ornaments, ittar and Kishangarh ...

    Street Market
  • Dargah Bazaar

    Dargah Bazaar

    Located at the entrance of the Dargah Sharif, this is one of the most lively shopping areas in the city of Ajmer. Thronged by thousands of worshippers every day, the Dargah Bazaar is an excellent place for buying flowers and chaddars as offerings and some souvenirs to carry back home. ...

    Street Market
  • Women’s Market (Mahila Mandi)

    Women’s Market (Mahila Mandi)

    As the name suggests, this market in Ajmer is exclusively for women. Most of the shops around here specialize in articles like beauty products and curios.

    You can also shop for various kinds of jewellery, hand-embroidered suits and varieties of tie-and-dye draperies. Female travellers must pay a ...

    Street Market