Places To Eat in Ajmer

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  • Mango Masala

    Mango Masala

    Located at Sardar Patel Marg, this is a locally popular multi-cuisine restaurant. The menu is extensive and covers pizzas, noodles, North Indian as well as South Indian fare. However, the restaurant is strictly vegetarian and does not serve alcohol. ...

    Vegetarian Restaurant International Cuisine
  • Honeydew Restaurant

    Honeydew Restaurant

    Located at Station Road, this a favourite hangout joint of the Mayo College crowd. Serving vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian delicacies, Honeydew offers a selection of Indian, Chinese and Continental preparations. ...

    Indian Restaurant International Cuisine
  • Elite


    Located at Station Road, Elite is known for its exceptional thali meals. For those who wish to go for the staple Indian diet, this is one of the best places to eat at. ...

    Indian Restaurant
  • Madina Restaurant

    Madina Restaurant

    The small open air shack Madina opposite the railway station serves a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Located close to the railway station and specializing in quick service, this eatery is extremely convenient if you have to catch the next train back to your city. ...

    Indian Restaurant
  • Dal Baati Choorma

    Dal Baati Choorma

    A world-famous Rajasthani preparation, Dal Baati Choorma comprises Dal (lentils cooked in Rajasthani spices), Baati (round balls of hard unleavened bread) and Choorma (a Rajasthani sweet dish). A must-try, Dal Baati Choorma is best consumed by pouring dollops of clarified butter on top of them. ...

    Local Dish Vegetarian Must Try
  • Ker Sangri

    Ker Sangri

    A favourite with the locals, Ker Sangri is a vegetable preparation which is made using desert beans and capers typical to Rajasthan. Slow-cooked with various locally available spices and lots of chilli, Ker Sangri is best consumed with bajre ki roti. ...

    Local Dish Vegetarian Must Try
  • Lahsun ki Chutney

    Lahsun ki Chutney

    A delicious and spicy chutney, which can be consumed with Indian breads or even rice, lahsun ki chutney is a typical Rajasthani preparation made using garlic, red chilies and locally available spices. A great accompaniment with almost any Indian snack, lahsun ki chutney is a must-try while visiting Ajmer. ...

    Local Dish Vegetarian Must Try