Transportation in Ahmedabad

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  • Bus

    By AMTS Bus: Run by the Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service, it is easy to access any part of the city of Ahmedabad by bus. These buses are either painted in a combination of yellow and red or white and red. It passes through 210 routes and covers almost 1200 stops. The fare ranges between Rs. 3 per ride to a maximum of Rs. 25 per ride.

    By BRTS Bus: After AMTS, Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) is the preferred mode of transport. These buses are painted silver and have dedicated corridors in the center of the road where they run. Consequently, it’s a faster option to reach anywhere since no other vehicle can ply in the corridors dedicated for the buses. It’s a newer bus service in comparison to AMTS and all its buses and stations are wheel-chair accessible.

  • Auto Rickshaw

    Auto rickshaws (the yellow and green ones) are the most common mode of transport in Ahmedabad, besides the bus services. The drivers understand Hindi and Gujarati both. Some of them may also know a few words in English, so getting around is not very difficult if you are new to the city.