Street Market in Agra

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  • Sadar Bazaar

    Sadar Bazaar

    Located in the heart of the city near the Agra Cantt Railway station, Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, Sadar Bazaar is one of Agra’s most famous markets . Known for handicraft items, shoes and leather work, this is also a great place to buy marble inlay items such as table ...

    Street Market
  • J.K. Cottage Industries

    J.K. Cottage Industries

    J.K. Cottage Industries is a great place if you’re looking to buy marble inlay work, sandstone and soapstone items. Some things that you can purchase here are table tops, flower vases, plates, coasters, jars and boxes. ...

    Street market
  • Marble


    Agra is famous for its exquisite marble products. When in Agra, do make it a point to buy ornate marble souvenirs and gifts such as coasters, flower vases and jewellery boxes, all inlaid with semi-precious stones. The marble in Agra is delicately engraved with pietre dura work and flora motifs. ...

  • Leather


    Apart from marble, Agra is also a great place to buy leather. Leather shoes, bags, briefcases and jackets are a must buy here as Agra tanneries supply leather products all across the country. Formal leather shoes for men and traditional Indian juttis for women are particularly popular. Do stop by ...

  • Carpets and Rugs

    Carpets and Rugs

    Agra is known for its beautiful carpets and rugs, which are exported to countries around the world. Mughal Carpet is a good place to buy some at and offers customers a great variety of beautifully woven Persian carpets and rugs. ...