Humayun’s Mosque in Agra

Humayun’s Mosque Overview

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Constructed in 1530 after Humayun ascended to power, Humayun’s mosque is one of the earliest monuments of the Mughal period. The mosque contains Persian inscriptions on it, which reveal that the construction was funded by Sheikh Zain Khawafi, a poet and a nobleman who was a close aid of Babur. This mosque was essentially built to cater to the religious needs of the Mughals and was named Kabul by the local residents. The mosque is built entirely out of brick masonry with white plaster over it. T In the vicinity of the mosque on the river bank is also Humayun’s astronomical observatory and a step well or baoli and a massive monolith.

  • Opening Closing Time 6 am to 7:30 pm (Daily)

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