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Hubli also known as Hubballi in Kannada is a major city in Karnataka. Hubballi refers to ''flowering creeper'' in Kannada. Major tourist attractions in Hubli are Kittur Rani Channamma Circle, Moorusaviramath, Unakal Lake and Chandramouleshwara Temple. The Kittur Rani Channamma Circle is located at the heart of the city. A statue of the brave Rani of Kittur who fought against the British attracts a lot of tourists. The Moorusaviramath Temple is dedicated to Guru Siddheshwarar Swamy. It was built in the 12th century. Unakal Lake is a favorite tourist spot and has a lush green garden, and has playing facilities for children. More


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A view of the sunset from here is of breathtaking beauty. The Chandramouleshwara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is a typical example of the Chalukyan style of architecture. Located on a hill, it depicts the expertise of artisans. The best time to visit Hubli is between October and March. You can get information how to reach Hubli on a dedicated portal, Hubli is connected with all cities of the region by air, railways and roadways. The Hubli airport is located in the outskirts of the city, and can be reached easily by taking a cab. The railway station here is connected with major stations like Belgaum, Mysore and Bangalore. Travelling by road can also be a viable option as you see the lush-green countryside. Hotels here provide excellent facilities to the tourists. For booking your travel tickets and hotels, you can log-on to


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