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Hampi is a village in the northern part of South Indian state of Karnataka. Hampi is situated within Vijayanagar, capital of Vijayanagar Empire historically. With Virupaksha Temple andmonuments of old Vijayanagar city, it serves as a revered religious center. Its ruins are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Set in a spectacular landscape comprising of paddy and banana plantations with granite boulders Hampi serves as an important tourist destination. Its primitive remains and Virupaksha, Lakshmi Narasimha, Hemakuta Hill, Big Shivlinga and Vithala temple serve as important Hampi attractions for tourists. Adventure enthusiasts and rock climbers can get an altogether different climbing experience in its rocky landscape and primitive ruins. More


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Its magical atmosphere makes it an ideal tourist destination.Bellary and Belgaum airport are the nearest airports to Hampi. These airports have decent flight connectivity with many Indian cities. Hospet, the nearest railway station to Hampi, is well connected by frequent trains. One can avail the facilities of regular buses connecting this railway station with Hampi. Convenient bus service connects Hampi with nearby cities. Good roads and highways make it easy for the tourists to travel to Hampi by road. How to reach Hampi by various modes of transportation is an easy affair. further eases the trip of tourists to Hampi easy.
Various attractions in Hampi are: Vithala Temple Complex,Old Palace,Hazara Rama Temple,Royal Enclosures,Lakshmi Narasimha Temple,Monolith Bull,Bear Sanctuary,Virupaksha Temple,Hampi Bazaar,Elephant Stables,Hemakuta Hill Temple Complex,Big Shivlinga,Matanga Hill,Balakrishna Temple,Statue of Ugra Narsimha,Zanana Enclosure,Queen's Bath,Monkey Temple,Mahanavmi Dibba,Achyutraya Temple (Tiruvengalanatha Temple),Coracle (Dongi) Ride,Rock Climbing etc.
Best time to go Hampi is Oct to Feb.
Snowfall can be seen in the months of Oct to Feb


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